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A good article about choosing a martial art for your kid.

This morning my newsfeed directed me to this article: How to choose the best martial art for your child I was expecting something ordinary and uninspired but was pleasantly surprised by what I read. It’s not earth-shattering, but it does … Continue reading

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Safety in the Martial Arts

I read an article today.  The long and short of the story is that there is a martial arts instructor who, after years of teaching and service, he’s beginning to show signs of dementia pugilistica.  We could talk about whether … Continue reading

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Starting a New Project

I’m going to start a new project soon.  Yes, it’s a writing project.  This time, it will be a martial arts writing project.  Those who know me personally know that I’ve been working on one for about 12 years.  That’s … Continue reading

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What Shodan Taught Me About My MFA Training

There were a lot of benefits of doing my MFA prior to me getting shodan in aikido.  I’ve credited the MFA experience for building the confidence and internal strength necessary to get to the black belt level.  Today, I’d like to … Continue reading

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Bill Belichick will be Revered and Feared Forever: Miyamoto Musashi

Yesterday I read a story on the Bleacher Report about how fearing Bill Belichick only makes him stronger.  I agreed with a lot of that article.  My belief is that the NFL bends backwards to cut off its collective nose … Continue reading

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The Martial Arts and Fighting

Martial arts aren’t all about fighting.  They are a variety of organizational systems of physical techniques, most of which are applicable to fighting skill development.  In other words, they are raw material.  Learning techniques isn’t the same as learning to … Continue reading

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Missing Aikido

I know I’ve done a lot of poetry things lately, but this is all part of the plan.  In any case, I thought I would do a martial arts post now. We’re getting close to the end of the summer … Continue reading

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Working on Flow

I’m working on “flow,” or the movement I feel as I pass between writing and aikido/tai chi chuan.  The swings can be terrible and disorienting, but completely necessary.  When I was a teenager and taking martial arts like judo and … Continue reading

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Learning Aikido is Hard

Like all martial arts, learning aikido is hard.  My experience is that many people come in thinking it will be easier than it is.  Maybe that’s the fault of the training montage that is required in martial arts movies.  Maybe … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Natural History of Martial Arts

As I mentioned earlier, I’m in the midst of a “baby haitus” where I’m home more than practicing. But I’m trying not to let the time be wasted. I’m beginning a series of thoughts on the martial arts. This is … Continue reading

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