Missing Aikido

I know I’ve done a lot of poetry things lately, but this is all part of the plan.  In any case, I thought I would do a martial arts post now.

We’re getting close to the end of the summer period, and I know because I’m getting that aikido itch again.  I really do miss more regular practice, but the kids do require a lot more attention that I had originally thought.  I’m hoping to restart the open practice I’ve been having during the school year again and we’ll see if there are any takers.

I’m reading Matthew Polly’s Tagged Out, which I’m enjoying, but also contributing to my aikido itch.  I think, so far, it’s worth the read.  I also enjoyed his American Shaolin which I highly recommend.  As someone who also did a martial  art (aikido) in the country of its origin, I found some of the stories to somewhat nostalgic while learning a lot about another art and another country.  Give it a read.

Also, Stanley Pranin at Aikido Journal has an interesting blog post on hand positioning for shiho-nage. My grip has flip-flopped a lot over the years.  One thing I picked up while in Japan was to use friction to use my thumb to pull some of the wrist skin along as I slide my grip on to the wrist to help tighten the slack of the uke’s arm.  It’s more of a “little man” thing, and doesn’t always work if someone is particularly sweaty.

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