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“Asian American” on PBS

I watched part of this last night and hope to catch up, but I won’t make it before tonight’s installment. Still what I saw was good and impressive and, as expected, hard for me to watch. Still, it is important. … Continue reading

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In One Lifetime – a poem by Daryl Muranaka

Originally posted on Amethyst Review:
In One Lifetime I. We don’t bleed to be born. We bleed our mothers and implant ourselves in the world as a seed waiting for a bird to swoop down and swallow us whole. II.…

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Two Poems by Daryl Muranaka

I wasn’t paying attention, but this happened! Many thanks to Nine Muses Poetry for publishing these pieces!

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Biting Off More Than I Can Chew?

Never! But this month is a pretty tough slog. There are things going on that occupy a lot of my attention and there are two activities that I decided to add to this month which makes for a busy time. … Continue reading

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New 30/30 Set

Well, I’m back at it. I’ve done 4 poems for the Tupelo Press 30/30 and they are up, at least for the time being and before I start really revising them here. Over the next few days, I’ll post my … Continue reading

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For National Poetry Month, I’m Doing the Tupelo Press 30/30 Challenge Again!

Dear Friends, In celebration of National Poetry Month 2019, I’m going the Tupelo Press 30/30 challenge once again. I had a blast last time, which lead to some of the material in my chapbooks, The Minstrel of Belmont and Leading … Continue reading

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A good article about choosing a martial art for your kid.

This morning my newsfeed directed me to this article: How to choose the best martial art for your child I was expecting something ordinary and uninspired but was pleasantly surprised by what I read. It’s not earth-shattering, but it does … Continue reading

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It’s Been A While

So it’s been a while since I put stuff regularly here. I hope, in the near future, to rectify that. For National Poetry Month I will again participate in Tupelo Press’s 30/30 challenge as my way of celebrating. I hope … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s been a while, but here’s something for your viewing pleasure:

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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and ‘The Good Place’ are Basically the Same Thing

Originally posted on The Nerds of Color:
by Dominic Mah | Originally posted on YOMYOMF It took me a weekend of binge-watching to wake up to the fact that Avengers: Infinity War and the NBC sitcom The Good Place are…

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