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Do you feel like a successful poet? 7 ways to cope in the meantime

Originally posted on GOOD UNIVERSE NEXT DOOR:
When I first got serious about writing poetry (2003-ish), the measures of success seemed relatively simple: delight in the writing process, publish poems in journals, win a book contest and find a poetry…

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U.S. servicemen’s hike on Mount Fuji turns into rescue mission, netizens are awed and grateful

Originally posted on SoraNews24:
The Marine Corps members carried an ill woman for two miles to safety. Hiking Mt. Fuji, Japan’s tallest peak at 3,776.24 meters (12,389 feet), is no easy feat. Along with altitude sickness, you also have to…

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Speculative Fiction

Originally posted on Eunoia Review:
He wonders how his life would have changed if he had slept with that woman who excused herself to use the restroom, her eyes so full with hope and anticipation, but when she returned, choked…

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Surprise: Hollywood is Still Whitewashing POC Characters

Originally posted on thenerdsofcolor:
Happy Asian American Pacific Islander Month! Good news! The story of the Ni’ihau Incident is coming to the big screen. Bad news? Hollywood has learned nothing from the whitewashing outrage that has been in the zeitgeist…

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The Life of a Poet

Does anyone ever feel like you’re writing and you’re in a groove and you’re doing so awesome that you’re creating something like or but you’re really coming up with this?

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Power Rangers Brings Asian American Poverty Front and Center

Originally posted on thenerdsofcolor:
By the time the Power Rangers craze first swept through in the early ’90s, I was just starting college, paying $290 a month in rent for a studio apartment in the Whittier neighborhood of South Minneapolis…

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Appreciation for the Big Things

“Don’t expect your children to love you, so they can, if they want to.” –Ron Padgett there is nothing like my son’s kiss on the cheek my daughter’s hug the evening and the morning and the next day

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