New Poem Up at By&ByPoetry

This morning a new poem of mine, Mikoshi Dako, went live at By&By Poetry. You can find the poem here. Unlike a lot of poems, I can actually link the source inspiration of the poem. I will warn you this story contains pictures some of you might find unpleasant.

Like many poems, it started with an image and a bunch of words. The sense and meaning of the poem came later, as the body came together. I like these kinds of poems a lot. I like starting to write something and have no idea of where I’m going. The poem has something to tell me, not about it, but about me. I like getting to the end of the poem and hearing that neat click both of the poem closing but of something coming together in my head. It’s one of the great gifts of inspiration–surprise at arrival.

There are a lot of poems where I know what I want to say and where I’m going was decided before I even picked up my pen. Those poems are rewarding and surprising in their own way. But inspiration poems, poems that are completely generated by the random connections formed on the fly, are about discovery, a kind of internal Star Trek seeking out strange new worlds.

Jim said there were two kinds of poets, but we all wrote both kinds of poems (described in the paragraph above). I’ve always tended to like the inspiration poems. I had to learn how to write the poems of the will. In any case, I’m glad and thankful to Jason Sears and the staff of By&By for publishing this new poem.

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