Sick Day Watching (Iron Fist)

Okay, so I broke down and watched Iron Fist on my sick day. First, I have to say I loved the first season of Daredevil and Luke Cage, and while I wasn’t as crazy about season 2 of DD or Jessica Jones, they were good, although both would have been better if they were one or two episodes shorter. The thing with Iron Fist is it plods along for a long time. There’s large sections where I’m not sure anything important to the story happens and there are lots of parts to the story that I’m not convinced were fleshed out either. I’m reminded of a years ago, when Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story came out. I think it was Roger Ebert in his video review (not the written review) lamented that there were too many scripts these days that were being rushed and being made without being fully revised. Iron Fist, I think, fits into that category. So that being said, I’m glad there wasn’t an Asian American playing the Fist, which also would have been a convenient excuse for the lackluster reception it’s received. Now, people just have to deal with the fact that it was kind of boring. I was disappointed in the choreography. The pacing seemed to be a step slower that what we saw in DD, although I did like the Fist special effect.

I also didn’t quite like Danny Rand. He seemed more hipster dufus, luckily bumbling into positive outcomes than contributing to them. We’re kind of informed about 2/3’s of the way that he’s probably not completed his training (kind of an important fact) and I’m not convinced that he’s actually that bright. Yes, one could make the argument for impulsive and reckless, but he never sees anything coming. Ever. And then has a hard time dealing with the fact that he just got screwed. While his three fellow Defenders all had issues, there was a sense of their hard-earned competence showing. Danny doesn’t have that. He’s a man-child who’s hopelessly in over his head. And that is a disappointment.

On a different track, I did see The Flash “Duet” episode. And while that episode had some serious plot holes and problems, the episode was a clinic on bolstering your strengths in spite of the weaknesses to give a well-paced, satisfying, and uplifting performance. All this while integrating two shows’ cast of characters, many of whom have not met each other before. After schooling the DCEU last year, I’m wondering if Supergirl & the Flash aren’t giving the Marvel Netflix bunch a little nudge now.

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  1. I like that you have both positive and negative feedback to give as I think that it makes your arguments better and more useable 🙂

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