Rejected Poems: Writing Brings Strange Things to Mind

So here are two poems I wrote that mention tai chi chuan. The longer one was in the manuscript for Ohana, my book I’m working on now. But I’ve removed it because it doesn’t quite fit. Maybe something else down the road. Anyway, please enjoy my latest installment of Rejected Poems.

Snake Creeps Down

Lunch time tai chi chuan
my body grooves low
into squatting like a snake—
my weight rears back,
then scoops
towards the ground,
the legs of my slacks
pull tight—the tension
stretches the seams—
I think of Elvis,
his crotch an inch off
the ground and singing,
“I hope this suit don’t
tear up, baby!” I rise
and the fabric shifts—

Once, at my college job
endlessly copying
legal cases—
a squat, then
an unfamiliar sound,
a sudden lack of support—
desperate, I sneak
a stapler into a Men’s Room stall
and mend the tear
I fear that certain
lack of tension and worry
about things like that.


In Taichi no one
remembers anything but
“Repulse the monkey”

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