Sonnet/Haiku Poetry Month: Campaign Season

This month, I’ve been working on “sonnet haibuns,” replace the prose with a sonnet. It’s an experiment I’ve been thinking/working on for a while. I know it’s not tradition and maybe even a little bit treif, but whatever. I’ve written 25 for this poetry month (the goal being 30 for National Poetry Month).

XXV. Campaign Season

It’s been so long since the people have died,
it’s been so long since the mothers have raged,
it’s been so long since the fathers have cried
that we’ve forgotten all the progress we’ve made.
The wars we have fought, the blood on the ground,
the scientists laboring in their labs–
the pain and the suffering all around
the spare all the corpses piled on slabs.
Every man who moans, the women who groaned,
the children ground within the giant wheels
lead to all the careful warnings intoned
not to bow to all those phony ideals.
How could you forget the lessons from then?
How big is your ego to risk it again?

old voices screaming—
their open mouths—
a dark chasm

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