Because That’s What Superman Would Do

was the line that we didn’t hear on Supergirl last night. Which was important. Superman has been largely missing from the show outside of a couple of quick cameos and some IM conversations with his cousin, and that’s a good thing. Last night, the quick and easy thing to do in response to Kara’s crisis of conviction was to drop her cousin’s name, but they didn’t. That’s a lot of respect for the young hero, not just from James Olsen, but also from the writers and the director. Supergirl doesn’t need to be compared to anyone other than herself. She can stand up to her own fears and worries, and everyone around her respects that. Superman was mentioned a lot in the early episodes. That was to be expected. He’s been largely absent of late. Last night was the first time dropping him in would have made sense, but it would have undermined everything Team Supergirl has been building. It’s a sign that the show and the hero have come into their own.


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