The Haiku: Is It Worth It?

This will be a brief and arguably trite post.

I will probably do another one with “Part II” at the end, but I don’t know yet and so I don’t have a “Part I” above.

I received my copy of Bottle Rockets that I’m in. It’s a single haiku. Like I mentioned in previous posts, I’ve thought a lot about how much effort I’m putting into haiku these days. I’m writing a lot of them, and it’s showing on my CV (roughly half of my pubs for 2016 thus far are haiku). I’m poking and prodding the form, trying to get better, trying to find areas to improve my skill–not just with the form but in my toolset.

But I found another reason to keep going. Today, my little girl who is taking a serious interest in reading for herself, read the little three line poem with minimal help from Mommy to sound out words she didn’t already know. My girl read her first poem by me.

That makes the effort for the hundreds others I’ve written all worthwhile.

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