A New Interview

So this has been a year of interviews for me.  I recently conducted one with Paul Golin, and hope to have other join that series soon.  Thank you to Paul for kicking off this series of Jewpanese interviews.

Overshadowed this year is the fact that my first book was released and in a flurry of spring activity, I did two interviews.  The first was in conjunction with the Found Poetry Review’s Poetry Month Scouts and was in the Belmont Citizen Herald.  And the second was an audio interview for the Red Flag Poetry Service.

And the kind folks at Gyroscope Review just posted a new one with me.  They have been kind enough to publish several poems of mine, and I’m very honored to have been interviewed as well.

This is all new territory for me.  I’ve never really been interviewed (I’ve given comments before), but it’s a wonderful experience.  Coming up, Finishing Line Press is scheduled to publish The Minstrel of Belmont soon!  A new poem, written during PoMoSco, will appear in a couple of months.  Stay tuned for more in the Jewpanese interview series too!

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