A Few Haiku For The New Home

I just tweeted these, but I’m going to post them so they’ll be together and in the order I wrote them.  We just recently moved to a new home and we adjusting.  From what was essentially being in the city, we’ve moved out to the country.  It’s actually moving from one kind of suburb to another, but this one is definitely more green.  We live at the end of the street, next to the meadow/swamp/wooded area in our neighborhood.  Here are a few of my impressions over the first few weeks:
a dozen bugs
we cannot identify
country living

frogs at night
gurgling in the dark
honeymoon nostalgia

tall grass and shady trees
in the morning
waiting for the deer

slow walk home
sun sets behind the trees
the street is silent

two raccoons run down
the tree, look at me, escape
don’t give me attitude

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