Hoping to Do More Jewpanese Interviews

My last post was an interview with Paul Golin who runs a Jewpanese Facebook page.  This is the first in a series of Jewpanese interviews.  The experience with Paul was great, and I hope to provide at least a few more perspectives on this emerging culture.  If you know of or are a Jewpanese (and I take the same liberal stance on it that Paul does), give me a shout and let’s talk about doing an interview.

My Jewpanese moment for the evening is in the humidity of a New England summer, Sam does have the cutest and pretty perfect payis, which is a combination of his mother’s hair and mine.  Mine is not the typical coarse straight Japanese hair, but a coarse wavy Japanese hair.  In less humid circumstances, Sam looks like a little Japanese mobster because of the permed look.  Sorry, no pictures.  Camera’s still packed from the house move.

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