Hapi Honey Balls: A Review

Actually a favorite dessert for my kids. The ones my mother sends have different pictures, often Japanese folk tale heroes like Momotaro on them.

I remember these things from when I was kid and my grandparents sent them from Hawaii to me.

Food Junk

Last week, the fifth and sixth graders at my school took a field trip to Epcot. I’m sure you all remember the field trips you had as youngsters. They were always the best part of the year, filled with lots of fun and classmate camaraderie.

From a teacher standpoint, field trips work this way. You figure out a place that you’d like to go instead of being in school. You see if that place offers free tickets for group chaperones. If it does, you book it, and then you concoct some nonsensical explanation about how it will be “educational.” In this case, there are places in Epcot named after countries. Even though I don’t think most of the students could find any of those countries on a map (park map included), the trip was approved. Rarely is the field trip rationale challenged by the principal because the principal usually goes…

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