What Common Rejections from Publishers Really Mean

Juggling Writer

I’m really good at getting rejected. With almost 1,000 rejections to my name, I know everything there is to know about being told “we don’t want to publish this piece of trash.”

Unfortunately, rejection letters don’t always say what they really mean. In general, editors try to be nice. They want to spare our feelings. No matter how terrible our stories are, the rejections are usually pleasant enough. Sure, there have are a few insulting rejections in my archive, but the vast majority are from kind-hearted editors.

Although rejection can be upsetting, I’d actually love to receive more of those “insulting” responses. If the story I’m submitting is terrible, I want the editors to tell me. Sometimes I can’t spot my own lousy writing. If only those editors could help me out by letting me know I should retire the piece forever. But they almost never do. So I keep plugging…

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