“Auntie’s Laugh” in the Spry Literary Journal

Earlier this week, a new poem of mine, “Auntie’s Laugh,” was released in the Spry Literary Journal.  I wrote this poem after a trip home with Maya to celebrate my parents’ wedding anniversary (a pretty significant one at that).

Before the trip, I had talked with a few people about realizing how I’d entered the sandwich generation phase of my life.  I had small children.  But the adults in my life were also getting older, slowing down.  It’s something in my own life I have to address too as I don’t quite have the same energy or ability to bounce back that I did even 10 years ago, let alone 20.

Still, there are things in life, that even as we’re slowing down, really get us to get up.  Sometimes those things are profound–a friend in need, an emergency.  Sometimes they are mundane and almost funny.  This poem is about the latter.  My uncle and aunt, in my memories, were pretty stoic people.  This poem is pretty much about how they proved that memory wrong.

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