New Haiku

Have a strange haiku up on the Asahi Haikuist Network today.  You can find it here.

When I lived in Japan, the effort to conserve energy was beginning.  Alas, it was still new and not everything had been figured out yet.  During the summer, the office was pretty hot.  I was at the end of the line, farthest from the windows.  And next to the computer.  The fan was right by my head.

Having the computer there wasn’t too bad since I did the most work on it.  During the winter, it was good because it was a little bit of extra heat.  During the summer it was bad because the hot air would blow on me.  Since it was also in the hottest part of the room, it would crap out every once in a while.  Too hot.  I hope they’ve gotten it figured out.  It has been 15 years.

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