Big Day For Writing

So today has turned into a big day, which is surprising and for which I am grateful.

Red Flag Poetry Service has released two audio recordings, one of me reading “Camping at Chuzenji-ko” which is one section of the poem, “Road Trip,” in Hanami.  The other is the interview Pete at Red Flat Poetry did with me when I recorded the poem.  I’m not a polished interviewee yet, so please excuse the dead-air and occasionally rambling answers.

You can find the poem here:

And the interview here:

The poem was this month’s postcard from Red Flag Poetry Service, which was mailed out earlier this month.  If you’re not a subscriber–and you should be–the poem will be posted next month.  Their website can be found here.  It’s really a wonderful thing they do, a quick poem, once a month, in your mailbox.  A nice change from bills and flyers.

Potluck Magazine also posted a short story of mine, “Happy Endings,” today here.

This kind of day doesn’t happen often.  Or ever.  And I’ve been at this long enough to know that I should be really, really grateful.  And I am.  Thank you to both the Red Flag and Potluck teams for all their kindness and support!  You’ve really made my month.

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