Hanami: Extended Acknowledgments


Hanami was released on April 24, 2015.  The acknowledgements in the book were limited to the journals, reviews, and e-journals that published the individual poems within the book.  In this blog post, I would like to thank the host of people who helped make this collection possible.

First, Thank God!  Hanami has been beating around since the late-90’s in one form or another without being sent out.  Once I did start to shop it around, it’s been on a five year journey that finally found a home at Aldrich Press.

Thank you to Karen Kelsay Davies, my editor and publisher, who accepted it and guided me through the process of my first book.  She was ever patient with my questions and concerns.

Thank you to my cousins, MaryAnn Wright and Robert Sato, who have allowed me to use their father’s watercolor for my cover.  Clarence Sato was one of the most important people in my early life, and I’m very grateful that his work is part of this project.

Naomi Shihab Nye and James J. McAuley were my main teachers during my training years.  Their guidance, Naomi as my first instructor and as a generous friend since and Jim as a friend and mentor poet during my MFA period, made all of this possible.  Additionally, an extra thank you to Naomi.  I’ve been truly blessed to be able to have maintained our contact over these years.

A special thank you to Tom C. Hunley and Jon Billman who both wrote blurbs for this book.  Also an extra thank you to Tom, who has helped, suggested, and nudged me from time to time over the years.  Thank you to all my other classmates at Eastern Washington who read and commented on earlier poems in the book.

Thank you to my friends in aikido, Jeff Bayliss, Mike Pak, Fabien Sorin, Dya Levitt, and Zhe Lu, who endured my droning on and on about this book.  A special thank you to Dick Stroud-shihan and the late Sioux Hall-shihan, who taught me to expand my horizons, in aikido and art.  Their guidance was essential to this project.

Thank you to Mom and Dad and Kevin for all your support over the years.  Thank you to Maya and Sam, who are too young to understand this book right now, but I’ve never had a bigger cheering section.  Thank you, last but not least, to Becky, my wife and partner.  She is the last reader of my work and certainly the most important.

Irreverence: Asphodel: The Literary Journal of Rowan University
Canoeing, Climbing Fuji, and The Practicality of Art: Ballard Street Poetry Journal
Yukimi: Bamboo Ridge: The Hawai’i Writers’ Quarterly
rebirth: Best Poem (e-journal)
The Salazar House: Bloodstone Review
Indiana: Bovine Free Wyoming (e-journal)
Morning in Kaimuki: Chaminade Literary Review
Strawberry Patches and The Rabbit in the Moon: Clackamas Literary Review
The Bruised Sky: The Connecticut River Review
Hokkaido: Crab Creek Review
Crossing the Charles: Frogpond
Road Trip: III. Monkey Planet (published as Monkey Planet), February Trees, and This Room: Get Something Read (e-journal)
Secrets (originally published as Debra), Hanami, That Distant Child, and Elegy: Heliotrope: A Poet’s Solstice Journal (Spokane, WA)
Looking for Ghost Towns: Ink, Sweat, and Tears (e-journal)
Canyons: New Plains Review
Saying Goodbye: The Pedestal Magazine (e-journal)
What I Asked For: Poetry East
Houses and Toulouse in Winter: Poetry Nook Magazine
Road Trip: IV. Camping at Chuzenji-ko (released as Camping at
Chuzenji-ko): Red Flag Poetry Service
The Man Who Drew Cats: Snail Mail Review
Leave Me to My Bitterness, Expectations, and On Viewing The Eternal Idol by Rodin (originally published as On Viewing a Sculpture by Rodin): SNReview
Dying Slowly in America: Trestle Creek Review

Hanami is available on Amazon from Aldrich Press.

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