The Jewpanese Life: Making Use of a Sick Day

Now that we’re a number of days past Passover, the last remnants of matzo have been consumed thanks to a tummy bug that hit us as Passover closed.  So what to do on a sick day when no one can eat anything except the bland and the plain?  My answer was to make matzo, or at least a reasonable facsimile.  It is something that would be good for us to eat.

So looking up a recipe online and setting the timer so we would meet the time requirements, we set to work.  Why, I’m sure you’re asking, is a Japanese American guy mixing dough with his daughter who has a fork in hand to poke the odd shaped bits on the cookie sheet?  The answer is two-fold.

One, I’m curious.  Second, this was a bit of history lesson for Maya.  She’s really into cooking (even with a tummy bug) and the only matzo she’s ever known comes from a pink-wrapped box, which is normal.  But, I told her, a long, long time ago, before Grandma & Grandpa and before Great-Grandma & Great-Grandpa, people didn’t buy matzo in the store.  People would have made it at home.  This is what we’d be trying to do.

The result was mixed.  As Maya put it, “It was kind of bad and kind of not bad.”  An interesting experiment to try and probably one I might do again.  Maybe not when we have tummy bugs.

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