PoMoSco Day 10: You Can Win Them All

So that’s not the title of the Day 10 offering.  It’s how I feel about it.  My source material was Raymond Carver’s Errand which is one of my favorite short stories ever.  If you haven’t read it, you should.  It’s online at the New Yorker and in Where I’m Calling From, a collection of his stories.

My biggest problem with my found poem is that it feels more like a synopsis than an actual poem.  It’s different, no doubt, from the original, but not in a way I like.  But like I said, you can’t win them all.

You can’t win them all either in that I’m falling behind this weekend.  I’ve got a lot of prep done but won’t finish either Day 11 or 12 this weekend.  I’m going to space them out, so I’m not doing three or four on one day, but I’m also trying to plan better for next weekend so they can be loaded and scheduled properly.  Alas, life often has different plans that what we make.

This was something that came up last year during the two challenges I had then.  I thought I had a pretty good plan, but it did fail this time.  Maybe for the next challenge, whatever that may be, I’ll make more improvements based upon this new information (different reasons this time).  Always be ready to tweak is what I learned last time.

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