A Most Interesting Website

I read about the If It Were My Home app this morning, and decided to check it out.  A few years ago, I started a thought experiment imagining what my life would be like if my ancestors never left Japan.  My parents’ lives would have been more traumatic because unlike living in the relative peace of Hawaii, they would have lived in War-time Japan.  But for me, would my life be that different?

The comparison between the US and Japan is interesting, especially since I spent three years living in Japan.  My conclusion was that while a number of things would have been different, there are a lot of things I have now as an American I would also have if I had been born and raised in Japan.  My life, on average, would probably not be too different (except for the part about marrying a Jewish woman and having Jewpanese kids).

What would this thought experiment be like for you?

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