PoMoSco #5: Two Dudes

So Two Dudes was kind of an interesting experience.  How do you shape a poem from random snippets of conversations when you’re walking around for an hour?  I really thought this one was not going to go so well and had actually thought about taking two separate walks, one as practice and one as actual, to do this.  As it turned out, I took only one walk.

In the end, the snippets worked pretty well together.  A friend of mine with whom I was talking mentioned there was a study about how we make sense of things we experience and said this experience was kind of like what was in the experiment.  Something I learned in my time of studying personal finance: we, as human beings, are pretty incredible pattern finding machines–even when there is no actual pattern there.

This was one found poem where I ended the work feeling pretty amazed by the human brain, how things are processed and organized in order to make sense.  Even as I was walking and writing things down, I could tell my mind was beginning to sync things together.  It was weird, but a very cool experience.

Hope the poem is satisfactory.

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