Found Poetry Review’s Poetry Month Scouts Page

My profile page for the PoMoSco is here.

On this page, you’ll find my posted work.  As of today, I have four up.  Today’s, I Ate What? is taken from Googling “garlic ape” and taking words off that search (no clicking on the actual links) and forming a poem.  I had thought about “kumquat chicken” because that was a poem I had tried to write a few years ago, but there evidently is an actual recipe for kumquat chicken.  Makes sense, but oh well.  This was a fun one.

Tomorrow’s poem will be called Two Dudes and is taken from random snippets of conversations I heard on a walk around Harvard Square and in the Harvard Art Museums.  For what looked like a really random list in my notebook, it turned out pretty coherent.

Coming up soon, I hope to do one each for my friends and former sponsors in other challenges, Sonnya Espinal and Jim Spencer.  Sonnya is a friend from my Japan days, and Jim, I met in a workshop a few years ago.  Both have been great friends and supporters, so I’m looking forward to doing poems for each of them.

Happy Passover and Happy Easter!

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