PRE-SALE: The Minstrel of Belmont

On July 10, 2015, my chapbook The Minstrel of Belmont will be released by Finishing Line Press.  Pre-sale began last week and will run until mid-May.  The eventual size of the press run will be determined by the pre-sale.  The book will cost $12.49 plus $2.99 shipping and handling (US rate).

Smaller FLP_Muranaka_Daryl_COV

All poems in this chapbook were written during two poetry challenges during summer 2014, the 2014 Poetry Month sponsored by the Ridgeline Literary Alliance, and 30/30 Challenge by the Tupelo Press.  This collection features aikido, fatherhood, and Jewpanese poems, which are all new topics for me.  That a collection of poems so fresh is coming out so quickly is a nice turn of events.

A poem from The Minstrel of Belmont that’s online is  “Random Associations” and was published by The Gambler Magazine last fall.  It was also one of the 30/30 drafts that I wrote about last year.

I hope you’ll consider reserving a copy.  Please look for more announcements regarding this chapbook soon.  Thank you.

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