Feet Planted but Light

One of the most important lessons aikido requires beginners to learn is to be planted to the earth but still light on their feet.  It takes a long time to learn.  Most people start with feet of stone, heavy yet disconnected from the earth.  Much of their lack of balance comes from tension in their bodies.  Tension in the wrong places.  Their heavy feet comes from inexperience as well as a lack of confidence.  At the start, beginners stand unsteady and without motion, unsure about what to expect.

The lesson is a good one in life in general.  I’m reading something right now that says “Evolve immediately.  Entitlement kills.”  This is basically the same as having your feet planted but staying light on your feet.  Adaptation, and quick adaptation, is essential for survival.  Still, it’s a hard lesson.  Just as it’s hard to hit a moving target, it’s hard to learn something when you’re constantly in motion.  I could get all “non-attachment” on you here, but I won’t.

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