Revisions Goals

My goal had been to review three essays three times over nine days.  I’m afraid that has been too ambitious.  I’m getting about 67% of one a day, and I’m falling behind.  Good to know.  This is all part of the process.  I’m doing a lot more rearranging of material in these essays that I every had in prose pieces.  I don’t know if this because I’m seeing things clearer or if my drafts are just messier than they used to be.

The one thing I’ve really love is a single red line drawn through a phrase, a sentence, or a paragraph.  In this round I’ve done a whole page.  It really quite liberating.  I do this with poems all the time, but I’ve really enjoyed it with this prose round.  Some parts, I’ve copied into a Notes file because I actually want to keep it, just not in this particular work.  Again, revision is fun.

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