Revising the 30/30 Poems

My malaise aside, the few days away from the 30/30 poems has been good.  I’ve been itching to get back into them, but the time away has also separated me from my initial impulses about the poems.  My plan is to go back and revise them kind of piecemeal.  In one poem’s case, I’ve gone back, and made some minor changes to the initial part, but have nearly doubled the poem’s size with new material.  I thought I was finished with the drafting, but reading it, I found I had more to say.  In another’s, I’ve only added new material but haven’t looked at the original parts yet.  That poem felt pretty incomplete when I submitted it, and so new material before revision felt like the right way to go.  This is the part of writing I really like.  Thinking about what’s already on the page.  Thinking about what I really want to say and refining what’s there to better bring it out.  Fun.

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