The Post-Challenge Month Malaise

I have to admit to a certain lack of energy in the first week of September. It’s not that I haven’t done anything, since I have revised some of the poems from earlier in the summer. It’s also because my day job is very busy right now. I did manage to get a chapbook manuscript together from the poems and I’ll be revising and shopping that. Still, I feel tired and drained.

I probably do need to take a day or two to breathe, but I’m not sure when. In any case, I’m still writing and am also turning my attention to prose again, which also took a break during the challenge months. I’m hoping to get the essay on failing at judo ready in the next month as well as one on Mt. Fuji. I’m also thinking of another draft I started before the challenges on my first few days living in Japan.

Plus, I get to do aikido this week. I’m very excited about getting back on the mat again after a couple of months off.

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