The New School Year

The new school year brings a lot of things in our house.  At my day job, it’s the beginning of the new year.  Becky is a teacher, so she starts again.  Maya starts a new grade in school, and Sam will start at the same children’s center.  This also means that the aikido club I volunteer with also starts up, and a whole slew of literary journals and magazines reopen.  It’s an incredibly busy time.  Becky may disagree, but it’s exciting too.

After this summer of poetry challenges, I have new material that needs to be revised and readied to send out.  This year, however, I’m not going to start with a large send out.  There were enough places open during the summer that I really only have maybe two packets open to send out.  It’s a whole new year.  If you’re writing and sending out, good luck!

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