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First off, over the next few days, I’m going to be editing my blog.  The 30/30 page now belongs to September and we August people have moved to our new home.  That will be one edit.  I will be taking down the early drafts from the earlier posts and updating them to reflect the writing and editing that went into those pages.

I’ve begun the process of editing the poems themselves.  One of the first things I’ve done is updating some of their titles.  The speed with which I had to work on the 30/30 drafts required essentially a number of place-keeping titles.  Over the next couple of months I hope to give each of the 44 total poems a good look at least a couple of times.  I might hold off on the Ridgeline since they are still under consideration and were all given more editing than the 30/30.  Since the goal for Ridgeline was to write 10 (I did 15) and the specifically requested more finished work, that is what I did.  The Ridgeline month was just as busy as the 30/30 month, but a good portion of that month was edit mode.

That being said, I like my 30/30 poems.  The last time I had to write this like was in graduate school during my second year and virtually none of those poems survived post-graduation.  The poems that had survived were the ones from my first year primarily.  On the other hand, the 30/30 group has a lot more potential, even the mutts.

I’ll end by encouraging readers to check out the current group of 30/30 volunteers, please consider donating or otherwise supporting Tupelo Press, or consider volunteering for the project.

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