Poem 29 – Bridges

I’m running out of steam.  The draft is probably less confused that tomorrow’s, which will be the last.  Maybe it’s the pressure of coming down to the last couple and really wanting to say “something.”  Maybe it’s that I’ve wanted to say something all summer as it seems like the world is spinning every more out of control.  Maybe it’s me trying to get back into Aikido mode because the school year is starting and I’ll be doing it more again.  I’ve been reading more heady aikido stuff, and maybe it’s playing with my head.

In any case, there are a few odd Japanese references in this poem, and the idea of bridges not being a connecting thing or path thing, but a think unto themselves.  Something like that.  It’s not quite clear in my head yet.  O-Sensei made a number of references to bridges in talking about aikido.  And so it’s another random riff on my part.  I’ll probably get a clearer idea in the revision.

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