Poem 24 The Things Men Do

I’m entering the final stretch.  Today is the first of the last seven poems. Poem 25 is in the works now.  Poem 24 is something that came to me in a dream.  Well, not really.  I thought it up just after my wife turned off the lights and told myself to remember it for the next morning.  I then promptly forgot it.  But then I remembered it and started working on it.  It passed poem 25, which was started earlier, and was turned in this morning.

There’s nothing special about the writing of this one.  It’s actually a lot like some of the other latter-half-of-the-months drafts with lines that are longer than what I started out the month with.  This is okay, because in these “challenge months” I spent about 45 days with these shorter lines and the longer lines have really felt like a breath of fresh air.  In any event, Poem 25 goes back to the shorter lines.  I’m still fishing for what to do with the last five poems.

This poem is about taking part in a parade in Fukui-shi, Japan.  The city of Fukui was destroyed twice in the 1940’s, once by the Allies and then after the War and the first reconstruction by a devastating earthquake.  For that reason, Fukui has taken on the phoenix as a symbol.  One of the streets running through the city is Phoenix-dori, or Phoenix Street (or Ave or Rd) and an annual festival, the Phoenix Festival takes place every year.  I participated in two parades during my time in the city.  The first is the subject of the poem, where we carried a float, which is carried by a group of people on their shoulders.  In this case, a lot of people because it was pretty huge.  I don’t remember if anyone was on top of it.  You can read the draft to see what happens to me.  My future girlfriend came by to watch us which is in the poem as well.  The second time was hard for a different reason.  This time I was marching (no carrying) but because our group was sponsored by a wedding shop, I had to dress in Western fashion, which mean formal wear.  With tails. In August.  I couldn’t wear the Japanese suit (my friend did that) because I looked too Japanese (go figure).

Anyway, please look up the poem and please consider sponsoring me in these final days of my term.

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