The Third Adolescence — Working Draft 21

You can see the draft on the 30/30 blog.  This is one that I started last night and got to a stopping point.  The idea isn’t new.  I had a poem of the same title about 10 years ago, but I decided to revisit the idea.  I can’t really find a copy of the original, but I know I’ve got one somewhere.  This time, it’s got a different tone and that comes not only from being 10 years later, but also now being married and with two kids changing the perspective.

The original idea was to write about being single and “free” in your 30’s, about being separated from everything you’d known before, living far away and alone.  Which is what I was doing when I wrote the original.  It’s also about that last chance gasp at being “young.”  In any case, this draft needs more materials and more, well, more everything, but it’s starting out better than its predecessor.

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