Poem 21 – Birds

No draft on this posting tonight because the draft on the 30/30 blog is basically it although I have to say the draft didn’t sit well with me.  It’s not finished in some fundamental way.  It needs something.  I’ve been working on that though and hope to have something sometime soon.  Like many of the drafts I’ve written over the past two months was written on the bench in front of the UPS store by the bus stop.  It may not sound like much, but it’s a nice place.  A few trees to shade.me.  Interesting people watching (this is during evening commute).  And it’s a nice area.

Poem 21, Birds, was written as I’m watching some sparrows coming down to eat crumbs (by previous occupants of the bench) on the ground and remembering listening to wild chickens on Kauai on our second honeymoon.  My father is from Kauai, so we were visiting the sights, but also visiting family that trip.  In any case, the chickens were everywhere and crow all the time.  By the hotel, from about 3PM on.

Speaking of birds, today at the beach a couple of kids were walking with lunch from the food shack, and the gulls got the girl to drop the food and then a swarm of gulls came and took the food (for a family of it looked like 5 or 6) in about 2 minutes.  Cover your food securely at the beach.  They tried to get to ours which was sealed in a bag and a guy threw a towel over it while we were swimming when he saw the gulls coming after it.  Thank you, sir, by the way.

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