30/30 Working Draft 16: The End of the Day

Today’s poems are up: http://tupelopress.wordpress.com/3030-project/.  Please have a look!  Please consider sponsoring me on the same page if you like what you see.  I do believe that supporting small presses is an important part of supporting the arts in the US.

I’m posting the earlier draft below of today’s poem.  There are only minor changes today.


As the night comes slowly
like a heavy curtain pulled
by a little girl or an old man.
The heavy fabric dragging
across the stage, tired and limp.
Dusk turns gray, orange, or
purple if we’re lucky or blessed.

This is Becky’s time, when she
sits across from me and aks
all the questions of the day
scribbled into the blue notebook
Mom gave her, when she knew
I was going to ask Becks to
marry me. This is the time
when we are alone, minus
the sandwich of family
and if there are any doubts
this is the time I look forward
to, the only time when I
am a man, not a boy or god
of imagination, but I
am me and she is her
and the world is asleep.

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