30/30 Day 15 Working Draft: Lowell Folk Festival

This is a draft that’s been sitting in the hopper for about five days and was written as three haiku about the festival and were written as practice or “warm-ups.”  They work okay.  You can, of course, read them at the 30/30 blog.

I think the problem for me right now is I’m getting tired.  Poem 15 is actually poem 30 when you count the 15 I did in July.  I get to the end of the day and wonder if there’s anything I want to or can write about.  My memoir project is feeling more appealing to work on, partially buoyed by my short story had been posted this morning.  It’s not a great story, but a story nonetheless.

But I do have to suck it up.  There are 15 to go (actually 14 because I have a draft for tomorrow).  That being said, I think this is a great exercise and encourage any of you out there to give it a shot.  Alternatively, please sponsor me at the 30/30 blog because these efforts help keep this project going, and it’s well worth supporting.

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