Day 14: 30/30 Project: Rainy Day

I’m not posting an earlier draft here, because there really wasn’t one.  But I did want to talk a little bit about the poem which can be found here.  Rainy Day is the second in what will probably be three drafts of me working in haiku-like stanzas.  Rainy Day is different from A Walk at the Reservoir in that all five stanzas were really written to be independent of each other and to see if I could coax a singular form from them.  Let me know what you think.

On another front, I’ve been working on a particular poem for about 4 years.  I started it while reading a book of Issei oral history.  In the book, there was one account of men who had fallen into the “magic three” as it was called there (sometimes called other things in other books) and ended up bachelors for life, and never returning to Japan.  I imagine this happens with any sort of mass group immigration for labor in the 19th Century: a group of young men go somewhere looking for opportunity and falling in with gambling, booze/drugs, and prostitutes (esp. when women are scarce) and just end-up dying sooner or later with nary a reminder of their existence.  In any case, I was thinking about this and started writing a poem.  It’s gone through about five re-writes and the current one is interesting.  I’m planning on using multiple forms for this version.  It’s mostly complete on one level, but I’m hoping to finish it up soon.  More to come on this one.

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