Day 13 30/30 Project: A Walk At the Reservoir

Today’s been a push.  This is the rough draft below.  The revised version is up at the 30/30 blog.  My idea was to write a couple of haiku-like stanzas as part of a longer poem.  I only got to three, but it’s an idea that I might like to work with for the next couple of days.  While haiku shouldn’t take long to write, they do require, at least I think, more energy than normal stanzas or poems.  I found this was true for these stanzas.  Each had to present an image and be somewhat independent from the other.  The sketch for the second stanza was “dragonfly lands/facing away/as if we’d disappeared.” Actually, I kind of like that, so maybe in the next version of the poem, but I did away with first line because I wanted the connection above.  In any case, I’d like to do this and see what I come up with tomorrow and Friday.



baby dragonfly
making thin, buzzes us
when we’re too close

lands in the same place
facing the other way
as if we’d disappeared.

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