30/30 Project Working Draft 7: The Forgotten Web

At the top of the stairs that leads to the porch, there was a tangled ball of a web.  This summer a few spiders tried to take up residence near and around the porch, but their webs were constantly being broken.  Sometimes by me, sometimes by others, sometimes by nature.  One spider kept building a web from the trash can near the house and the outer porch wall.  Every time someone would throw something away, it would break.  Another spider kept trying to build one that would cover about half of the entry way to the porch.  The one in this poem was a mass of strings that kept getting dirtier and dirtier.  A ball that bounced in the breeze, but kept hanging on to the banister.

My intention had been to write a few haiku and then see if that would lead into an actual poem.  Which it did, but I ended up using more of a tanka form instead for development purposes.  I was kind of floundering that day and sometimes going into a form can help clear that out some.  I decided after that to do a few days of trying this out.

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