30/30 Project Working Draft: Cooking

Today’s draft was a struggle, and I’m not particularly pleased.  It’s a candidate for either the “Failed Poem” series I’ve posted here from time to time.  However, I did get some good feed back from my 30/30 companions and made a decent revision I can work with.

On the weekends, I cook the family dinners.  Usually enough to have two full dinner leftovers for the family during the week.  Every so often, some cut of natural or organic beef comes on sale and we buy some.  It’s not an every week kind of thing and sometimes we don’t have it for a long time.  We stretched a bit more to have it when Becky was pregnant with Sam.  With both kids she had a particular deficiency and the medical suggestion was to eat a little more meat.  I digress.  My Dad makes kalbi every so often, and I often recreate that when we do have beef.  I like the smell in the kitchen (although smokey) that it makes.  I was scribbling in my notebook while cooking and smelling it.  And then I thought I hadn’t had dim sum in forever.  The poem grew out of that.

I’m not sure where this poem will eventually take me, but I am curious.

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