30/30 Project Working Draft 5: Fireflies

The revised version of the below is up.  Please take a look.

This poem is about Maya and Becky in my in-law’s backyard.  They live outside of Syracuse, NY, and have a large backyard.  Maya was having toasted marshmallows by the “campfire” which is a large cinder block area away from the house.  As it got dark, fireflies came out, and Becky and Maya went chasing after them, kind of how Becky did when she was a girl.  This was something fun, outdoorsy, and related to Beck’s girlhood that she could share with Maya.  The last time we tried, it was a disaster.  Maya hated the smell of barnyard animals and didn’t want to go anywhere near them, even though she was excited to go to a farm.  Maya is a city girl, and that was a pretty depressing thing for Becky who wanted to share her happy childhood experiences with her daughter.  The farm was a bust, but the fireflies weren’t.  It was nice for Becky, a country girl, to eventually share something with Maya.

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