30/30 Project Working Draft 2: Absent Friends

Maya's and Sam's Dad

Look for the revised version to be posted on the Tupelo Press 30/30 Project blog later today!


At forty, so my mother says,
all your problems come out,
that youth no longer hides
the flaws that course through
your veins, your brain.

I am at an age when
friends and relations
start dying. It’s not
normal, but it still happens
and everyone shakes
their collective heads
and says it was too
soon or maybe if.
But that doesn’t change
the absent friends
I think about, watching
Maya and Sam at play.
And what do you say
when it happens?
There is nothing
to say, so you’re left
with “thoughts and prayers”
thoughts and prayers
and what does that mean?

But my thoughts and prayers
are with absent friends
though I didn’t speak to them
in years, and the miles
I traveled took me farther away.
I’ll still think…

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