30/30 Project Working Draft 1: In a Child’s Mind

On this first day, I posted the first completed draft, which is to say, the handwritten draft in my notebook that I felt I had come to a stopping point. Every day, I’ll post one working draft before I begin a revision for the work to be sent to Tupelo Press.  While this wasn’t my first idea, this was the first idea that came out on paper.  I was thinking about when I was kid and going to LAX for a trip.  The whole airport was a kind of wonder palace.  You had moving sidewalks, baggage claims, the terminals, comic books, and candy.  Over the years, and dozens of airports later, I found them to be expensive boring places.  Maya gets excited to go on trips, so even the taxi ride is a special thing, and I felt a bit of that old excitement when we got ready for our trip last year.  If you would like to sponsor me, please find the details in my earlier post.


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