Please Sponsor Me In Tupelo Press’s 30/30 Project

For those of you not familiar with Tupelo Press’s 30/30 Project, you can find some information on their website.  I decided a couple of months ago that I wanted to challenge myself on the poetry front by doing something I hadn’t done since grad school–write on a schedule.  The 30/30 Project is actually the second challenge I’m undertaking in August.  The first can be found here.  For this first project, I set a goal of 10 to 15 poems and with about six days left, I’ve submitted to them 11 plus I have two or three in the sketch pad that I’m working on.  The 30/30 Project is a bigger challenge, but one I want to try.  I plan to use poems from both in Ohana, the new collection I’ve mentioned earlier.

The 30/30 Project is also a fundraising project for Tupelo Press, which is located in Massachusetts.  They ask that I look for sponsors, and so I’m writing this blog entry.  I’m going to ask here (which means it will get to my Twitter and Facebook pages) and will send a few emails to some close friends and family, but this will be the one direct request you’ll get from me.

I’ll update on this project when I get started.  I will blog everyday to share my status and the day’s draft.  Well, there might be a day delay, but you know what I mean.  I invite you to comment on my work (a kind of open workshop), and I hope you’ll participate with me.

If you do want to sponsor (and if you do, thank you), there are a few ways to do it.  You can subscribe to Tupelo Press, which is 9 books for $99, and put my name in the comments section; you can used their donation form and put my name in the “honor” field; or you can use the PayPal link on the Donate page and put my name in the “message” field.  I will write a poem for anyone who sponsors $20 or more.

In any case, whether you donate or not, I hope that you’ll read and comment.  I will start next Friday (August 1).  Thank you.

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