Tai Chi Chuan videos

So the style of if tai chi chuan I do is a branch of Yang style that comes from Hsiung Yang-Ho, and when I first started there wasn’t much about him.  A few articles about the san-shou section of the curriculum, maybe a few photos, but that was basically it.  He was like a shadow.  In the past few years, a few videos from other schools in Taiwan have appeared online and there was an informative article about his life put out by the Journal of Asian Martial Arts.  You can purchase a copy of the article here.

He was a contemporary of O-Sensei, being only a few years younger, and like O-Sensei, saw his country change massively during his lifetime.

I’m linking to a few of the videos on YouTube below.  One is of him doing the form and one is of him observing students in application practice.


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