Do not “Osu” me please!

Osu was how the baseball coach greeted me when I was in the JET Program in Fukui-ken.

"Something like that"

Do not “Osu” me please!

Image Our group at Shin ai do martial arts Guildford

Across karate dojos all over the world we can hear the term “Osu” being used for all manners of expression, from greetings to acknowledgement or even goodbye. Some people use this expression outside of the dojo, for example in shopping centres, cinemas, bbqs etc. when they see someone from their dojo.  However, how many of us have really put any effort in to understand the meaning of Osu?

For years I was using it in my dojo without really paying any attention to it, as our style is an offshoot from Kyokushin karate and so everything is Osu! The only difference for us was that we did not use it outside the dojo. My teachers have always said that we are not in Japan therefore there is no need to use it.  For me personally it…

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