Failed Poem (No. 2)

Here’s a failed poem from when Becky and I were getting ready for our wedding.  One of the aspects of the Jewpanese wedding that seemed popular when we were researching  and was something that we also wanted were origami tsuru (cranes) and a huppah (wedding canopy).


Tsuru and the Huppah

In the summer, we wake
to birds and bugs settling
near the tent. We hear birds sing
we see bugs land on the wall,
tiny stick shadows with leaves.

In the forest, in the campsite
we do little but walk and sit,
read to each other in dying light,
hike after dark, smelling our way.
Next year, maybe the canoeing trip,
the delayed honeymoon we’re already planning.

But for now, I fold and fold
the paper cranes we’ll string to the huppah,
hoping for a gentle breeze
so they will swirl and sway
with the promise of camping trip to come.

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