Baking Bread

I don’t know why I grew up thinking that making bread was a really difficult thing. Mostly it’s just a lot of waiting. Proofing the yeast doesn’t take a lot of active time. Granted, kneading by hand can be pretty tough, but then I learned to do it with a food processor and now (thanks to getting married) I use a stand mixer. In any case, I get this urge to make bread and then don’t–mostly because I tell myself it’s hard.

Today, Maya and Becky went to a cookie decorating party and left to my own devices, I put together Maya’s Christmas present and baked a bread. As always, it was a lot easier than I thought. Granted, it didn’t come out quite the way I wanted it to.I think I know what I need to do next time for a crustier bread, and I’m pretty sure I was a little light on the flour. Then again, if I made it more often, I would probably get better (practice, practice, practice!).

I have Becky’s mom to thank for getting me to make bread now. The bread I make the most often is a challah. Granted, I don’t make it very often since I’m not home on Fridays to get it started. Becky’s mom taught me how she did it overnight, but I haven’t been that industrious yet. I like challah, and I particularly like Becky’s mom’s. Of course, mine doesn’t come out the same and Becky says my looks like it was braided by a boy (which it was). In any case, it occurred to me that this week, when I’m on vacation, I should make a challah. Maya might enjoy the experience. Plus, having practiced with sprinkles this morning, she might be ready to sprinkle the poppy seeds on Friday.

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