More on the family tree

This project keeps growing. Becky’s side now has the lead on the farthest back we can go with Maya’s great-great-great-great grandparents on Becky’s mother’s father’s side. On my side, I’ve now got two sets of Maya’s great-great-great grandparents. In a lot of ways, these searches answer some questions, but also lead to more. The value of the search beyond our Issei is also a kind of interesting question. In some ways, those ancestors are like someone living on a different planet. The world was different in many tangible ways when we’re looking at that far back. On Becky’s side, that oldest generation came to us with no dates, but judging by the birth date of their children, it’s easy to think that they may have been born in the 18th Century. To put it in perspective, that generation of Becky’s might have lived in Eastern Europe and never heard of the United States of America. They were children when the War of 1812 happened. They were old (if they were still alive) when the Civil War happened. Japan was still a Feudal state. These are breathtaking thoughts.

It’s getting harder to find more information now. We’ve exhausted all our generations that lived in the US, and the Old Countries’ records are hard to get for one reason or another. I guess now we have to start adding those family stories to the skeleton we’ve built. I hope that Maya eventually will enjoy this.

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