As I am today

Soon after Maya was born, I had the idea of a video series. I would take my new video camera and start making videos about different bits of advice I’d learned as a young person, stuff that she might find useful, others useless. Mostly, it would be so she could see the man I was when she was born. I have pictures of my father, but other than what I remember, there’s no record of what he sounded like 40 years ago.

Well, Maya’s first birthday came and went, and I still have made that first video, although we do have lots of footage where you can see and hear me. This is the reason I’m starting this blog. At least one reason. Part of why I’m writing this is also to be a kind of running, semi-open notebook, a place where I can collect some of my thoughts as I’m writing other projects. In a real sense, here is where the stupid will live. This also means that I will revise at will. Things written one day may change the next. I can and will change my mind.

Personally, when I was a student, I kind of enjoyed reading writers’ notebooks, but that was where the stupid lived. The stupid being all those little ideas that might turn into good ones, but you’re impatient and run half-cocked into something that you really didn’t think about or practice first. To through in another metaphor, this is all about swinging for the fences.

Part of writing about who I am now is also that I have a lot of interests, and this blog will probably talk about all of them. So like life, things will be all over the place on this blog. Still in keeping with the mission of letting Maya see what I am now, that’s just the way it’s going to be.

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